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About Bloompicks – The Stock Scanner for Everyone

Are you confused by the hype surrounding stock market investments?

Do you feel stuck at a crossroads?

One way is signposted to a ‘get-rich-quick’ destination, leading to a dead end. Another has a steep learning curve to a place of confident decision-making. Then there is a middle way with an expert guide who has travelled both paths and can help you find a way forwards.

bloompicks CEO

The main goal of this website is to provide all the tools and knowledge necessary to create and manage a well-balanced portfolio based on medium-term strategy
Trifon Trifonov, CEO Bloompicks

Making the stock market easier to navigate

I’m Trifon Trifonov, Stock Analyst and Founder of Bloompicks. I know that trading on the stock market can be a minefield. I’ve found a middle way to manage your investments for more respectable returns. Our simple tools and rules make the stock market easier to navigate: our clear-cut trading strategy guarantees sensible investment choices with above-average returns.

Learning by doing

My interest in the stock market began in 2008. Firing my Pension Fund Manager, who charged a management fee on a poorly performing portfolio, I took back control. I soaked up the financial literature, embarking on a steep learning curve. I completed a portfolio management course at the Institute of Trading. I invested a year learning the inside track on share trading as a paid student of a self-made millionaire and successful investor who often appears on CNBC and Bloomberg TV channels. I discovered that trading is a highly risky business.

Like many others, initially I lost money. I devoted all my free time to picking out low risk stocks which might increase in value. I struggled to balance my full-time global IT director role with learning to play the markets. I decided there must be an easier way forwards.

Finding a better way

Combining my trading, IT, Business Intelligence and strategic expertise, I set out to find a business solution to help investors figure out the stock market. With a successful 20+ year career in IT, climbing to an IT director position in a global company working in Business intelligence, I was in pole position to do that. For six months, I worked tirelessly to build a sophisticated IT platform which ranks, filters, sorts and presents US stocks in a simple way on a single screen. Doing all the heavy lifting for users, it frees time to make logical choices.

Trading is not rocket science if you follow the rules

investors team Bloompicks is growing. We’re now helping investors around the globe to invest in North America’s stock market using our tried and tested model. Based on 3 key principles:

  1. it’s the tools
  2. the rules
  3. and the strategy to make money from those investments

With the desire and discipline to diligently apply our tools and rules, you too will get a solid return on your capital.

Achieving financial freedom

invest in financial freedom It’s perfectly possible to make money from money on the stock market, whilst juggling a hectic lifestyle. If you are disciplined in using our simple tools and rules in an hour a week you can easily achieve that. And the free time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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