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Picking a way through the stock market confusion

Investing In Stock Market We know you want to grow the money you’ve worked hard to save. Perhaps use it to fund a son or daughter’s education, take a step up the property ladder or save for retirement? You need healthy returns on your investments.

But how can you manoeuvre through a myriad of stock market choices without gambling on your future? How can you make sound, grounded decisions so you can sustain a good lifestyle?

Bloompicks – making the stock market easier to navigate

Quality Value Momentum We are independent stock analysts who help you steer your way around the US stock market. The US represents the world’s largest global economy where the most innovative, progressive global companies are listed.

We equip you with everything you need for the journey

  • leading stock tracker tools that help you make healthy profits
  • strategies to keep risk to a minimum and you in control
  • a time saving way to manage your investments: all you need is one hour per week
  • Compound Interest Calculator use our Compound Interest Calculator and see how much your money can grow

Bloompicks – independent, ad-free stock tracker software that gives you professional investor data in an incredibly easy-to-use format.

Why Bloompicks will give you an Edge

Bloompicks is among the best stock screening tools available. You can sign up to screen all 5000+ stocks from the key stock exchanges where US stocks are listed including DJI, NASDAQ, S&P 500. Bloompicks offers:

Healthy ROI

Healthy ROI

Bloompicks gives you the tools and strategy to create a well-balanced portfolio based on medium-term strategy. This is not ‘get rich quick’ hype or a set of dubious stock market tips, but a trusted, simple system that achieves results.

A professional edge

Quality Value Momentum All stocks are updated daily on Bloompicks (3am CET, 8am GMT) and ranked according to momentum, value and quality. These are the three essential indicators used by institutional investors, hedge fund managers and in-the-know DIY investors.

Effective risk management giving peace of mind

Effective risk management

Your stock acquisition will be guided by a risk analysis algorithm based on your investment and desired level of risk, to help you create a well-balanced portfolio of top-ranking stocks. We’ll even tell you how many shares you should buy according to your account size.

Don’t rely on ‘get rich quick’ tips and tricks on how to play the markets. Rely on the FACTS. What are the facts? A modern, sophisticated platform which will do all the heavy processing which arranges stocks in a useful, meaningful way so users can invest with confidence and intelligence.

Simplicity trumps complexity

Easy-to-use system for stocks Our clear, easy-on-the-eye platform offers you the best picks at a glance. Spend around 15 minutes per day or as little as an hour per week investing! This really is among the best stock screening tools for sheer ease of use: made by retail investors for retail investors.

Future-proofed strategies

Stock trading golden rules We’ll guide you in your trading strategy into the future using tried and tested rules which will help you make informed choices for above average returns. We suggest our own momentum trading strategy as the vehicle to take you to your destination. We don’t set that in stone. You can select a momentum, value or quality-value-momentum trading approach from our predefined lists. You are the driver.

Data at your fingertips

Stock chart and financials

As well as momentum, value and quality indicators, you can drill down and access a wealth of information about a stock including price over time, media reports and more – all in easy-to-follow formats.

By using the daily stock analysis and ranking tables you will save time, have a greater chance of success and become a more confident and successful trader.

Use Bloompicks’ stock tracker to scan all 5000+ stocks from market indices like DJI, NASDAQ, S&P 500, Russell 2000

Some common questions about Bloompicks:

How does Bloompicks actually work?

Bloompicks is updated every day with live data from stock markets across the world. This data is then presented to you in easy-to-understand tables and charts. For any stock featured, you can scan ‘big picture’, top-level data or drill down to an incredible level of detail. As a result, your investment decisions will be based on pure facts – the price action of each stock based on the last 100 days – and not influenced by mass media. In our opinion, this makes Bloompicks one of the best stock screening tools out there.

Is Bloompicks stock tracker really easy to use?

Yes! Despite Bloompicks’ sophisticated algorithms, it is designed with retail (ie non professional) traders in mind. Bloompicks is NOT for people who want to spend every day hunched over a computer making obsessive, reactive trades! It is for walkers, gardeners, culture-vultures, runners, world travellers, pilates enthusiasts and anyone who would like to make a solid ROI on their investment – and still have a life.

But can you really use Bloompicks for one hour per week and succeed?

Yes. And, as a matter of fact, the recommended amount of time to spend trading might seem counterintuitive at first glance. As a retail (ie non professional) trader, putting hours and hours in at your screen is not likely to produce satisfying results. You will make reactive, short-term decisions that are likely to be emotional responses. Trading once a week with a fixed strategy is the disciplined, rational approach that can help you get results. See more about Bloompicks’ strategy here.

What is momentum trading?

Momentum is the tendency of winning stocks (i.e. stocks that have outperformed the market in recent times) to keep winning and losing stocks to keep losing. Momentum trading is based on the idea that once a stock establishes a trend, it is more likely to continue in that direction instead of moving against the drift. Bloompicks features a step-by-step momentum investment strategies, but of course you can also use our momentum, quality, value and share price data to trade to your preferred method too.

Can I use government tax-free savings schemes for my share trading?

Absolutely! For example, in the UK you can invest using a stocks and shares ISA and a SIPP (self invested personal pension). Similarly, in the USA you can invest using a IRA individual savings account.

I’m in territory X, Y or Z? Can I still use Bloompicks?

Providing you are adhering to local laws, you can use Bloompicks to screen your stocks anywhere in the world.

Do you promote certain stocks, are there adverts on Bloompicks, and do you sell my data?

No, no and no! Bloompicks is 100% independent and we aren’t affiliated with any trading companies or advertisers. No third parties have access to any of your information.

What if I sign up and then want to cancel?

No problem. You could cancel at anytime by login into your account and submitting the change subscription form. Your membership will be cancelled immediately or at the end of your subscription period. No further funds will be taken.

Who started all this?

Why not read the story of our founder on the About Us page. We think it will reassure you of our expertise and our values. It will also reveal that the man who started Bloompicks simply wanted to make solid, realistic returns on stocks and shares without dedicating his life to the task 24/7 – just like you. Read his story now.

What should I do now?

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